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AFT Networks is a social media marketing company that uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram within its Social Media Marketing Platform. Social media has the flexibility and options to allow our clients to build a customer base and to reach customers within their targeted geographic area with a specific message. As a digital marketing agency, 

we use social media to allow you to be successful, while keeping the cost low and giving you a healthy return on investment. 

We offer social media marketing within our marketing campaigns and in a stand-alone program. 


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AFT Networks offers the Social Media Marketing within its marketing campaigns or in a stand-alone program. The stand-alone program offering is for our clients who want a high dose of specifically concentrated effort in their social media presence. This usually occurs when a business has been successful in the past with other forms of marketing but has either never tried, or has tried and not understood how social media marketing works. AFT Networks offers this concentrated approach to its social media marketing platform for the business person who understands that they need to catch up to their competition.


Social Media Marketing Agency | AFT Networks

We use each social media platform to reach customers in their preferred method of communication. YouTube for video, Twitter with limited content messages and Instagram for pictures. Facebook is used in several ways. We post relevant content to your followers in the form of  articles, videos, pictures and specials. AFT Networks also places paid ads to reach people who are not yet following you. The ads are placed for products and services, followers, app downloads, events and website traffic. All ads have a specific demographic profile in terms of geography, income, interest and buying habits. 


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